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Our auto repair shop is conveniently located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our quality ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics at Welsh Automotive Specialties employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Below are some of the many auto repair services that we offer:

Need Auto Repair Services in West Chester, Pennsylvania?

Looking for a great auto repair shop in West Chester, Pennsylvania for all your automotive service needs? Look no further than Welsh Automotive Specialties! Car services and repairs are super important for several reasons, but mostly because they help boost your safety, lower your running costs, and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes can help your car in several ways. When dirt accumulates in your car’s oil, the oil becomes more abrasive and less effective, causing more wear and tear to your engine. Oil changes can help you maintain your car’s warranty, protect your engine from wear and tear, and fight some of the biggest causes of engine breakdown, including heat, deposits, sludge, and friction.

Brake Repair Services

Your brakes and tires are crucial to the safety of your car, so getting your brakes inspected and repaired a couple of times a year is important. You should also get your brakes inspected and request brake repair services if you hear any high-pitched squealing or rubbing noises coming from the wheels.

Engine Repair Services

Engine repair services are also important if you want your car to last a long time. Stay on top of your engine maintenance and make repairs immediately if you see or hear anything off with your engine. Engine services typically include a standard tune-up with a complete visual inspection of all parts of the engine.

Auto Emissions Testing

Auto emissions tests are a necessary and familiar part of owning a car for most Americans. Most states require emissions tests about once a year or once every two years. During emissions tests, technicians look at diagnostic devices attached to your vehicle to see if your car’s emissions are within the standard limit. They will also conduct a visual inspection.

Radiator Service

Radiator services help prevent your car’s engine from overheating or freezing. Technicians will replace your radiator fluid during this service, which usually lasts about 20 minutes. This fluid flows through your radiator and engine in order to help protect your engine.

General Auto Maintenance

In addition to these other services, we also offer general auto maintenance, including overall system checks for preventative maintenance to help you identify potential problems down the road.

We also provide computer diagnostics auto repair, transmission service and tire service. Visit the professionals at Welsh Automotive Specialties today!